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wet your lips 



The team at WP23 have taken their time to develop Australia’s most delicious pre batched 700ml wet pussy shooter. WP23 is available to Venues throughout Australia through Case By Case distribution.

With an incredible flavour profile of Peach, Cranberry and Lime, and Alcohol percentage of 21% it is the perfect party shot.

Our mission was to tick all the boxes that venues look for, and that is what we did.

About us

why a premix wet-pussy shooter is better

It ticks all the boxes.

21% ABV,hints of peach,cranberry and lime,and a

consistent flavour profile every pour.


More bang for your buck.

Pre-batched bottles mean you hold less stock, and

save time and money with every shot.


No messy fingers.

Easier to pour and store equals less spillage and less wastage.


Fresher for longer.

With a longer shelf life, it’s good for more than a one

night stand.

It’s made for sharing.

Run promotions and value adds by offering complimentary

shots of this crowd pleaser.

the product
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For sales and enquiries please contact:

Trent Rutherford

ph: 0488 346 859

Alternatively, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

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